Fun Icebreakers

Fun icebreakers really get your imagination flowing. And help bond everyone together through happy interactions. Pick the icebreakers below you like most and use them to create a light hearted mood and bring out the true kid in everyone. This will enable you to really connect with one another on a new level.

5 Fun Icebreakers below.

1. Desert Island
Announce, ‘You’ve been exiled to a deserted island for a year. In addition to the
essentials, you may take one piece of music, one book (which is not the Bible) and
one luxury item you can carry with you i.e. not a boat to leave the island! What would you take and why?’
desert-islandAllow a few minutes for the people to draw up their list of three items, before
sharing their choices with the rest of the group. As with most icebreakers and
relationship building activities, it’s good for the group leaders to join in too!

2. Tall stories
The leader starts a story with a sentence that ends in SUDDENLY. The next person
then has to add to the story with his own sentence that ends in SUDDENLY. Continue
the story until everyone has contributed. The story becomes crazier as each person adds their sentence. Tape it and play it back. For example; ‘Yesterday I went
to the zoo and was passing the elephant enclosure when SUDDENLY…..’

3. My name is?
Go around the group and ask each person to state his/her name and attach an
adjective that not only describes a dominant characteristic, but also starts with the
same letter of his name e.g. generous Grahame, dynamic Dave. Write them down
and refer to them by this for the rest of the day/evening

4. Fact or fiction?
Ask everyone to write on a piece of paper THREE things about themselves which may
not be known to the others in the group. Two are true and one is not. Taking turns
they read out the three ‘facts’ about themselves and the rest of the group votes
which are true and false. There are always surprises. This simple activity is always
fun, and helps the group to get to know more about each other. In a fun personal way.

5. Who am I?
Prepare a self-adhesive label or post-it note for each young person in your group.
Write on it the name of a well-known or famous person. This can be an historical
character or current sportsman, musician, TV personality, celebrity etc. Have a good
mix of men and women. Keeping the names hidden, stick the post-it notes on the
foreheads of everyone in the group. They must then ask questions of the others to
find out their identity.
Each person takes a turn to ask questions and figure out who they are. For example,
Am I alive? Am I female? Am I in a band? Only yes or no questions can be asked. If
the answer is no, their turn is over. If the answer is yes, they can ask another
question and keep going until they get a no, or guess who they are. Keep playing
until everyone has guessed, or if time is short, stop after the first few correct

If you enjoyed this wonderful and simple 5 Icebreaker activities please stick around and check the other great pages on ice-breaker questions!

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