Motivational Activities

Learning new ways to energize your team of employees, students or friends can be tough.

Luckily we’ve put together this wonderful set of motivational activities for you to try out! Make sure to share this page if you find this information useful :)

Everyone sits in a circle. The objective is to create rain by copying what the person to their left is doing.

The teacher/leader begins rain by slowly rubbing his hands together, the students/employees to his left copies him. Other students only join in once the person to their right has begun the rubbing of their hands together.

The leader changes his sounds and the student to his left responds and students slowly join in.

Rain Sequence

Rubbing hands together back and forth
Snapping fingers
Hand Clapping
Thigh Slapping
Foot Stamping
The leader reverses the sequence and places his hands in his lap once all sounds are completed. Students follow until all students have their hands in their laps and sitting in silence.

After the energizer, the leader can begin a discussion or mini lesson in the circle.

happy motivational activitiesMake them Laugh
Divide the class into two teams. Teams line up and face a person on the other team. A member from each team walks down the opposing team line. The opposing team members try and make the volunteer smile or laugh. The members in line are not allowed to touch or talk as the volunteer passes by. If the volunteer smiles or laugh they join the opposing team.

The game continues until each member on the team is a volunteer. The winner is the team with the most players at the end of the game.

Great energizer to use when there is stress in the classroom or students need a break from working.

Students are to think of an animal and must line up in order of size without talking. Students are allowed to make gestures and the sound of the animal to line up. After the students have lined up, go down the line and each student reveals the animal to the class.

Example: mouse-elephant-lion-dog-duck-horse

Students make the sound of the animal and a gesture such as moving one arm and up and down to symbolize an elephant nose or gallops on the spot.

Last Word
Students will create a story by having each student add a sentence in sequence. The only rule is students must use the last word of the previous sentence.


This morning I woke up and I saw the sunlight
sunlight came through the blinds in waves
waves of excitement built as I got up to eat breakfast
breakfast consisted of 2 raw eggs mixed with milk
milk was a bad choice for me as I don’t like the taste

The story continues until all students have a chance to add. If a student is unable to come up with a sentence they have the option to pass and to join in for the next story.

Ball Toss Brainstorming
Teacher reveals the topic of the day. Teacher throws the ball to a student and the student shouts out something related to the topic. This activity can be used to activate prior knowledge or to check for understanding. The teacher tosses the ball after she has conducted a lesson and students will review the concept.

Thanks for reading this article and hope you have a great energizing and motivational day!

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